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SonoTAP for Single Shot Techniques

PAJUNK® tailored the SonoTAP cannulas especially to the requirements of the Single Shot TAP- and Rectus-Sheath blocks. The injection space is limited and lies relatively deep. The facet grinding of the SonoTAP cannula has the following features: Firstly, it enables clear identification under ultrasound, and secondly it enables precise localisation thanks to the fascial click on penetration.

Performance of an ultrasound-guided TAP block (subcostal, anterior access)

Cornerstone geometry improves echogenity

The Cornerstone reflectors are designed in a way that guarantees direct or indirect reflection of the ultrasound waves even at very steep insertion angles.1

Sophisticated layout

Two cannula segments are all around evenly graduated with “Cornerstone” reflectors. A perfect cannula identification is guaranteed in every position.

Echogenic cannula tip

The cannula tip is outstandingly visible thanks to the two inclination angles as well as the NanoLine coating.2

Visibility irrespective of the insertion angle

The quality of the “Cornerstone guarantees optimum reflection irrespective of the insertion angle. along a total length of 20 mm.
Allowing the cannula tip to be clearly identified.

1 Hebard, Hocking, Echogenic technology can improve needle visibility …, 2011; 36(2): 185–189

2 Edgcombe, Hocking, Sonographic identification of needle tip …, 2010; 35(2): 207–211

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