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EpiLong Soft Sono Set for continuous techniques

When analgesia is also required beyond the duration of a single shot technique a continuous technique can be used. In this case, an EpiLong Soft Sono catheter is positioned with the aid of a TuohySono cannula.

EpiLong Soft Sono catheter

Uniform distribution of the anaesthetic
Six microscopically small openings are placed laterally on the first 18 mm of the catheter. This guarantees uniform distribution of the anaesthetic and a safe nerve block.

Tuohy tip
The Tuohy tip of the TuohySono cannula provides for the optimal placement of the catheters.

TuohySono cannula

The TuohySono cannula is used for the continuous TAP and rectus sheath blocks. Equipped with the patent pending “Cornerstone” reflectors, it ensures that the ultrasonic waves are maximally reflected at both steep and shallow puncture angles. This is an essential prerequisite for the precise placement of the cannula in the appropriate neurovascular plane.

Definite and clear identification
The "Cornerstone" reflectors are circumferentially arranged along two embossed sections at the distal end of the Tuohy cannula, each having a length of 10 mm. The reflection of the ultrasonic waves is therefore ensured along a total length of 20 mm.

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